About Us

grass-earth.jpgCapital Management Services L.P. is a nationally licensed and recognized collections agency, providing the highest level of delinquent receivables resolution. Capital Management Services is dedicated to surpassing all industry standards for quality in Portfolio Management, Tier Best Liquidations, Legal and Audit Compliance, Process Management, highly trained professionals

Capital Management Services will prioritize all work efforts and inventory management to maximize your net collection return in the most efficient and effective manner. "TIME IS MONEY". Custom portfolio strategies drive a rapid return on investment and liquidations of all accounts placed with Capital Management Services to offset total delinquencies. Intensely scrutinized batch trading and intelligent modeling will facilitate accelerated collection returns on your inventory and ensure consistent results. It is our goal to provide tier-best recovery results for every client in every product and every placement month in and month out. Every company objective set is predicated on this philosophy and the goals cascade through each operations layer including the collection associate level.

Capital Management Services uses an Intelligent system. It is a computer system that thinks and reacts like a collections expert, making instant decisions that are typically routine and time consuming. While data based systems continuously require user input for their operation, Intelligent software evaluates circumstances based on information and rules stored in a "knowledge base", and makes decisions using a complex set of computer programs. Our software provides audit trails and summary reports so that Capital Management Services can distinguish clients and manage their receivables effectively. The system can be quickly adapted to changing business requirements without making costly custom modifications.

The collections policy at Capital Management Services provides flexibility, scalability and capability. Our executive management team has taken 60 years of industry-leading experience and created an optimum inventory management system. We then took this management package and complemented it with intelligent modeling, a world-class telephony system and state-of-the-art dialers and then brought the critical components together within the umbrella of bullet-proof mirrored AS400s. Manual workings, power dialing, predictive and inbound/ outbound blended-effort campaigns combine for unparalled servicing and unprecedented results.

Results are imperative, however, Capital Management Services recognizes the intrinsic value of Quality and Compliance. Capital Management Services will ensure that quality control is strictly adhered to and data provided by our clientele is completely secured with access limited only to authorized personnel. ALL client records and data are maintained in a completely secure area. In addition, all computer data and backup material have multilevel password protection. The Capital Management Services Internal Auditing Department, which reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer, will ensure strict compliance with all procedures developed and outlined by contractual agreement.

Our executive team has succesfully managed portfolios in the following stages of delinquency : 1st Party , Pre-Charge off, Primary, Mid-Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Quaternary, Quints and has managed record-setting results in Bankcards, Retail Charge Cards, Signature and Personal Cards, lines of Credit, Bankruptcy Dismissals, Overdraft Checking, Auto Loans & Deficiencies and Telecommunication Delinquencies.

It is also the position of Capital Management Services that precise and direct lines of communication exist with our clients. Based on this commitment, we have created a separate Client Servicing and Relationship Development team. This team consists of collection industry servicing experts, whose main function is to act as the central contact point between our important clients and Capital Management Services. The role of the Client Servicing and Relationship Development team is to become subject matter experts in all aspects of the specific portfolios placed with Capital Management Services, and to completely accommodate the daily needs of these relationships. This team of individuals works directly with each client, and is completely focused on addressing and completing any requests or projects that may arise.

Compliance is paramount in all operations at Capital Management Services. The compliance division is focused on monitoring and tracking the following areas:

  • Debt Collection Laws
  • State Licensing
  • Company Profile
  • Client Contractual Expectations

Procedures have been developed for each area of compliance monitoring, to ensure consistent process review standards and data collection methods.

The success of Capital Management in collecting deliquent accounts at tier-best performance in multiple products and at various due stages depends on many factors. Technology, experience , industry servicing and commitment are vital, but one of the most critical factors centers on the specialists Capital Management assigns to service your portfolios.