Capital Management Services places absolute emphasis on technological aspects of our business. We have made a substantial investment in the infrastructure supporting all collection operations. Our proprietary software is Intelec, the cornerstone of collection technology used by Capital Management Services, complemented by one 264-seat Castel dialer.

Intelec is an intelligent collections management system. It is a complete system that will automate your collection process, from account input through remitting monies or billing clients.

What is an intelligent system? It is a computer system that can be trained to think and reach like a human expert, making decisions that are routine and time-consuming. Since the area of decision-making has traditionally been entrusted to humans, allowing computers to make decisions is an unusual concept for most users to comprehend. While data-based systems continuously require user input for their operation, intelligent software evaluates circumstances based on information and rules stored in a "knowledge base", and makes decisions using a complex set of computer programs referred to as an "inference engine".

Intelec has a receivable management system to manage client receivables in a collection agency environment. Intelec will provide audit trails and summary reports so that Capital Management Services will distinguish clients and manage their receivables effectively.

Knowledge-based system: In a knowledge-based system, Intelec deals with knowledge and programs that act on that knowledge. Each can be changed independently of the other. It manages stored knowledge that is assessed, updated and reasoned with. With this type of system, you can change the way you do business by changing the knowledge stored instead of changing the programs. This concept is often referred to as "Artificial Intelligence", and software products built using these concepts are called "Expert Systems". With a knowledge-based system, users can be allowed to decide on a course of action or can design the system to make some of those decisions for themselves.

Capital Management Services has recently purchased a state-of-the-art predictive dialer to enhance our collection strategies. The dialer when effectively managed with the Quantrax Intelec Collection software, will immediately improve collector efficiency, file management, support procedures and ultimately overall company collection effectiveness.

The Castel system offers:

  • Company-wide deployment
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Host-based dialing
  • Voice and data access from any desktop
  • Integrated with Quantrax
  • Integration with future applications
  • Client/server architecture
  • Real-time campaigns with no data downloads and uploads
  • Multiple outbound calling methods
  • 60+ simultaneous outbound campaigns
  • Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) for answer supervision
  • Complete call management


  • Intelligent, host-based inbound call processing
  • Dynamic call blending
  • Integrated agent workflow management
  • Graphical reporting
  • Integrated prompt/ automated message playback