What added value can you offer to our business?
At Capital Management Services, we believe that the leadership team's proven track record, our collection team, and technological investments represent our greatest strengths. All of the daily operational decisions and strategies are developed and executed by executive management. Our goals are simple: provide tier-best results in every client portfolio, driven by unsurpassed servicing. The leadership team of Capital Management Services has a combined collection industry experience of 60 years, has led over 3000 collection specialists, and has directed over $3.0 Billion dollars in recoveries owed to clients. Our collection staff has an average of 4.7 years of industry experience. The Capital Management operational team comprises of specialists in multiple due stages, products, and portfolios. Our world-class collection software, state of the art dialers, and intelligent modeling provide for the most complete outsourcing package a lender could expect. To ensure consistent execution, Capital Management has developed a senior management team highly experienced in the collection industry, internal conditional measures and tracking, and a proven daily productivity operational process which leave nothing to chance.

Describe your collector training program
Classroom training covers multiple critical elements. FDCPA knowledge and compliance is a condition of employment. Systems training includes file navigation, power and predictive dialing, and desktop skip tools. Finally, collection skill development establishes the associates' best fit within the company. For new hires with experience, training completes in one week. For classrooms with no experience, training spans four (4) weeks.

What portion of your collection strategies and execution takes place during prime time, peak contact hours?
Operational hours comprise 75-80% Prime Time activity, and increases during client and company closeouts

Maintaining privacy of customer records
Capital Management Services has taken the security components critical to many clients and instilled these requirements, at many levels, as business as usual. Data control, physical security, and monitoring improvements are elements that foster successful business relationships. Multi level access badges and system authentication and password levels ensure personnel have facility and data access specific to job function. Security entrance enhancements, and building perimeter alarms limit intruder risk. Multiple video camera surveillance and recording provides a safety net to intruder or security breaches. Remittal processing has been isolated within a secure area, and third party payment reconciliation utilizing fire retardant safes limit financial risk. Also, for data transfer, CMSI currently utilizes PGP encryption with two-factor authentication through a VPN tunnel. Cisco firewalls keep our bulletproof AS400 operating system clean. Capital Management Services employs Windows 128 bit encryption, ZIP encryption, PGP encryption and can exchange data via FTP transfer as well.

Can your system be accessed remotely?
Capital Management Services uses Citrix Access Gateways to allow clients access to a view-only application of their specific accounts remotely. This is a fast, secure way to allow access to your outsourced portfolios. The Citrix Access Gateway method requires Dual Authentication Sign-on. All user names are a minimum of 6 characters, and all passwords are a minimum of 8 characters that follow the same security requirements stated in the Data Security section. The Citrix Access Gateway does not allow file transfers of any kind (including administration log on).

Describe your handling and record keeping of complaints or regulatory inquiries
Capital Management Services has a stringent policy regarding handling and resolution of all potential situations or inquiries. With any request, the account is suspended from collection efforts while the matter is investigated. This process includes interviewing the collector, reviewing phone and system reports, and verifying payment authorizations when necessary. The inquiry is logged, tracked, and most importantly, resolved. Disciplinary action, including termination, is taken when needed.

How do you verify that all funds received daily are reconciled?
Capital Management Services has a system of checks and balances for payment posting. When posting a payment, the account is reviewed for accurate name, account number, and payment amounts. Name, address and payment amounts are verified on other payment forms received. After all daily payments are applied, a reconciliation report is generated and reviewed for dollar amounts versus deposits. Reconciliation is done real time with each batch deposit entered, daily at the client and company levels, weekly at client and company levels, and monthly for the same.

Do you have a formal disaster plan?
Capital Management Services has a detailed disaster recovery plan, and a fully functional disaster site.