My debt had been sold to multiple agencies before capital management, and everyone else was just a regular, rude, debt collecting agency! Capital management was different. They were caring, helpful, and they worked with me and not against me. Now because of capital management I am able to declare that I am debt free and I have faced my fears!

The customer called in and said that it was great to work with Erin Quinn.  She was professional and accommadating regarding the situation and because of that he is going to make sure [Bank name withheld by request] is the first to be paid off.

The customer's spouse said that the collector was really professional and great to work with.  On top of being professional he was also pleasant and honest and this experience was better any prior experience in dealing with collection agencies.

The customer called in stating that the collector did a wonderful job regarding the account.  The collector was pleasant and helpful, and the customer knows that being a collector must be a difficult job.

The customer's ex-spouse (whom we have permission to speak to) called in regarding her dealingswith the collector.  She said that the collector is efficient, helpful and great to work with and is happy that she got to work with her to resolve the debt.

The customer's mom, whom we had permission to speak to, said that Anne was wonderful to work with. She said that the collector was very useful, knowledgable and respectful.

The customer's daughter called in and explained that she was very happy with the service that the collector provided in resolving the debt.

The customer's spouse called in to state that the collector did a good job assisting her with setting up payments regarding her account.

The customer was transferred to compliance to give a verbal testimonial for Kelly Sauberan who is under manager Jeff Mahon and director Tom Faso (Michael Bousquet). The customer stated that he really appreciated the professionalism demonstrated by Kelly and also said that she was so wonderful to work with. The customer also stated that CMS and Kelly were the first people willing to work with him and willing to give him a chance.

The customer called in and said that the collector was the most friendly person to work with regarding her account. She said we should hire more people like her as she is truly an asset to our organization.

The customer called in and said that the collector was great to work with, he was polite and had suggestions to help get the debt resolved. He was very grateful for the help and kindness displayed.

The customer contacted the compliance department to state tht this was the first agency that treated him with respect and dignity. When he was working with Jack he felt he was dealing more with a friend than a collection agency.

The customer called in and said that the collector was very helpful in getting the account resolved. She has had a lot of issues going on and he found a way to work around them to get the account resolved.

The customer called in and said that the collector was incredible to work with and was a breath of fresh air. She wanted to let us know that we had a true asset.

Dear Vio Musteata, Thank you for your professional and compassionate call this morning. Per your request, please send me a settlement letter for Discover. After consultation with my attorneys I will submit a bottomline figure to settle this account. I really appreciate your kindness and your spirit of cooperation in this matter. As discussed, I will face my giants and will win in this very hard situations. I am well able to stand through this and come out victorious. I commend you for for compassionate care of me as a customer. You really made my day a great one. To have humanity is our greatest gift from God and you are in the right busness! I will forward a copy of this email to my attorneys for further discussions.

The customer was transferred back to compliance to give a verbal testimonial for Cathy Malone who is under director Sam Rubino (Joe Graci). The customer stated that she has never dealt with a collector that showed compassion and empathy and who had such an excellent attitude. The customer also said that Cathy was very professional.

The customer called in and said that the collector was extremely professional and patient in helping find a way to resolve the debt. The customer said she was not nice to start the conversation off and the collector responded professionally and did not treat the customer the same way the customer was treating the collector.

The daughter (whom we had permission to speak to) called in and said that the collector was extremely helpful and patient. She listened to what she had to say and worked with her to help resolve the customer's debt.

The customer called in and said that the collector was kind, understanding and helpful. He provided different options to pay off the account and he had the patience in dealing with the customer while she tried to contact different money sources to take care of the account.

The customer called in and said that the representative was informative, understanding and professional. She took the time to explain things to him so he understood and they were able to come to a SIF agreement.

The customer said that the collector was wonderful to work with. She was patient, kind and professional all the time in helping get the account resolved.

The customer spouse called in and said the collector was a big asset to the company. She was kind, understanding and listened to what the spouse was stating and because of that they decided to pay the settlement with CMS.

The customer's spouse called in and said that the collector was very easy to work with and because of that they came up to an agreement to take care of the account.

The customer called in to say how terrific Ann Archilla was in helping with her situation. She took the time to listen and try and understand the situation and because of that the customer was able to come to an agreement to take care of the account.

The customer's spouse called in because the manager that she dealt with was very professional and walked her through each option he presented to her. He was very thorough and patient.

The customer called in regarding her experience with Tyrone Dillon. She said that he was very professional, courteous and understanding regarding her circumstances and that he came to a resolution that is workable. She is looking at being employed again and said when she has her new budget we will be one of the first companies she contacts to increase her payments.

The customer called in and stated that the collector was great at helping her out to resolve the debt.

The customer called in and stated that the collector was very pleasant to speak to. The collector was very understanding, compassionate and respectful.

The customer called in to speak kindly of the collector. She said the collector was great to work with that she wasn't nasty, worked around the customer situation and came up with plan that was workable.

The customer was transferred back to compliance to give a verbal testimonial for Amanda Ford (under manager Joe Sciandra and director Dennis Abramaitys) and manger Patrick Eckborg (under director Dave Menna), both under Mike Bousquet. The customer stated that both Amanda and Patrick were wonderful, as nice as they could be and that they really helped her.

The customer's daughter called in, which we have permission to speak to and stated that the collector was great to work with. She had great customer services skills, she helped get everything set up and had answers to the daughter's questions.

The customer called in and said that the collector and manager were great to work with and made the experience as positive as possible.

The customer called in regarding her treatment concerning the account. She said that the collector made the payment arrangements easy and helped her relax. She said that other companies talk down to the customer and make them feel bad and the collector for CMS did not do that.

The customer gave the collector a testimonial stating that she was an excellent employee. She was understanding, helpful and good at listening.

The customer called in stating that Jeff was very professional and patient in dealing with her. Due to his dealing with the customer she was able to come to a settlement agreement that she can work with.

"I found out that I had this debt that I knew nothing about, and I talked with your company, and I can't thank everyone enough for him being so pleasant with me, non judgmental, non aggressive, pleasant, kind understanding and amazing, and he made a very unpleasant situation actually not turn out so unpleasant. So thank you guys for having such great people working for you and I can't say I look forward soon, but if I ever had a debt I would like it to be with you guys."

Customer called to say that the employee was very professional and turned a bad situation into a pleasant experience.

"I have been a faithful payer on my account for the last 5 years and have now placed the last series of checks on file to finish paying the account in full. You employee has been great, and I greatly appreciated the payment arrangement and the fact that you were able to work out with me to help me finish paying my account."

"I made a commitment to myself that if anyone would go out of their way to help understand and work out an arrangement with any of my delinquent accounts, that I would make sure to pay those accounts. Your employee was compassionate and understanding and best of all patient which is a key reason I set up payments with you today."

"Erikka was so pleasant and a joy to work with. She was patient and kind while I explained my hardships and medical issues and worked out an arrangement in spite of the all my obstacles."

"Wayne was great and the best to work with, and the way your company's handling of these sensitive issues build "Social Capital."

"Your manager is the kindest most compassionate persona that I have ever dealt with and I appreciate the non brash approach to collectons which I am used to."

"Your collector was extremely kind and courteous and is mainly the reason why I was willing to pay the account with you. Your collector is probably the nicest person I have ever spoken with."

"Your collector treated me kindly even before finding out about my situation, and it's because of her understanding and compassion that I am willing to begin paying this account with your company."

"I serve in the military and find it quite stressful that I have this debt, but because of the efforts of your employee, I am able to keep to a payment plan so that even if I am deployed overseas I'll be assured that I am taking care of my affairs. Your employee was extremely professional and well informed which is why I will continue to work with you until this account is paid."

"I just came off a long sickness and I'm now trying to get all of my accounts paid, and because of the kindness shown by your employee and the Director, I wanted to make sure this was paid."

"I have nothing but kind words for your manager and he is the reason why as of today my account is now Settled in Full, because he took time to treat me like a human being. I felt as if I was being treated as family by the manager and appreciated the time you gave me to finally pay my account."

"I had an experience like no other and I feel that I came away from this experience feeling like a human being, not just like a person who owes money. Your manager was knowledgeable and courteous and was a great person to work with and that is why I decided to start paying my account with your company."

"It was the collector's understanding of my situation and what I could afford that is the reason why I paid."

"From all previous dealings with the client this was the most enjoyable and the easiest experience. You were able to set the me up on a monthly payment arrangement that I can afford!"

"I am grateful that your manager was able to work out a comfortable arrangement with me. I also wanted to make mention of the their kindness and understanding!"

"Arthur has been kind, thoughtful, and understanding. I simply cannot praise him enough!"

"Your company is the reason why I set up checks today. Because of the patience and kindness that your collector Dawn was able to give me is the reason why I put checks on file today to resolve my debt."

"I was contacted by an employee of yours a month ago in regards to an account. His name was Bobby V, a true professional and a very helpful person. I disputed this bill and he was very patient and understanding with my problem and gave me time to find the answers to my probelem. This deby was finally erased from my records. I just want to say it was a pleasure dealing with Mr. V. Thank him for me again, he truly is a special person you have. Happy Holidays to all of you & God Bless."

"Dennis was extremely helpful in helping with my account, I need this positive attitude it brightened my day. He is a great asset to your company!"

"Your collector and I have been working together on this account for 2+ years, and she has made me comfortable, and has made things easy relative to this difficult issue. We are now down to the last few payments and although I prefer not to be in this position again, I will miss working with Kelly who is wonderful!

"I am highly impressed with your collector's organizational skills, how on top of a call back she was when it was needed!"

"Greetings! I am a satisfied client of your agency who recently paid off the agreed settlement on a way past due account. My intention in writing is to demonstrate my gratefulness in the service I received from your representatives. My economical situation was very affected by the growth of my family (with two kids and a husband) and a sudden loss of employment. It was a relief to receive phone calls from respectful debt collectors, for a change. They were very, very helpful in this process and thier ability to comprehend me and my circumstances only motivated me to do my part on the arrangements that we agreed upon. I can honestly say that it was like making a compromise with a friend... and how could I let my friend down?!
I basically want to thank you for your service and for respecting my life process, without ever judging me. I hope I never have to owe any bank any more money, but if I ever did, I hope Capital Management gets to charge me!"

"Your collector was professional, patient and kind with me during this process. Because of this fair treatment the I has chosen to overnight a large settlement payment to close this account."

"What a wonderful job your employee did with dealing with my financial restrictions. William was kind, patient, and understanding and this is the first time any bill collector treated both me and my wife like human beings. I commended your company for having employees who understand how hard the economy has been and who are willing to work with people. Your employee waited on hold for 20 minutes while I went into a quiet place to talk and never once got angry or aggressive."

"On a positive note, I would like to thank you for all your help and concern on handling my account with ease & unlike other companies I have dealt with. Your constant and positive attitude reflects that even though you have to deal with unpleasant situations and people, you handled it in a very caring and professional matter. All I can say is thanks a "Million" for your help, it was most appreciated."

"I want to compliment your company and your collector. Unfortunately my finances took a turn for the worst forcing many of my accounts into collections. I have never been treated with such respect and kindness from a collection agency before and your company is definitely a cut above the rest."